About Judy


Hey there! My name is Judy Kim and you can probably find me frolicking through untraveled land, writing down musings in forests, finding new locals to interact with, playing the piano, or updating my websites. I am a creative that to likes to wear many different hats: as a writer, blogger, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, editor, producer, director, drummer, songwriter, painter, calligrapher, and so on.

I love trying new things and learning about life, you can also find me looking for reliable information about psychological processes, emotional abuse, the lifestyle of Wes Anderson and all his magical brilliance. Sometimes, I like to wind down my day watching movies that inspire the emotional and visual life out of me!

I am currently 24 years old and I have traveled to 20+ different countries, lived in 3 different continents, and speak 2 languages at the moment (learning more right now.) Currently, I am located in Seoul, South Korea and am full of creative phenomenon and usually working on personal projects, such as my Speak Life Store and other tangible fun products :) I like to deal with my problems in various ways, while looking on the bright side of life through my various delightful talents. Come take a look around my sites! 🙂








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