The Taboo of Emotions.

Why is it negative to be emotional? 
As if we were meant to be unfeeling creatures, 
Able to process life in commands and do’s and don’t’s 
As if we were to be stiff robots.
To see all things objectively.
To see as one man, one mind. 
As only one type of way.

To think not feel.
Why are emotions taboo? 
As if emotions are a barrier for truth and resolution. 
As if emotions get in the way of healthy friendships and conflict resolution.

Isn’t it what sets us apart from mere animals? 
Or non-living things?
Weren’t our brains made to have emotional capacity, such as heartbreak, hurt, empathy, jealousy, hatred, disappointment, and forgiveness?
Don’t we have the capacity to feel and explore the reality of such things? 

To figure out such things out? 
Why are emotions such taboo? 

What’s wrong with involving emotions in a conflict and express how each other felt?
What’s so wrong about sadness and disappointment? 

Why must we push it aside, sweep it under the rug, hide it in the corners of our minds
And pretend everything is alright.
As if our emotions don’t have anything to do with our welfare. 
As if emotions are the last thing to be cared for on this earth.

Why must we view emotions as such? 

Can’t we deal with them, admit them, and work them out? 
Can’t we express them? 
Is emotion weakness? 
But then why do we feel so much? From such a young age until our old age? 
Why are emotions taboo? 
They should be more revealing of the heart and mind’s condition. 

They should be attended to and healed.
They should be expressed and reconciled.
And then we can be resilient. 

Then we can be heard.

They were made to be acknowledged. 


Graphic Designs

I am really starting to get into graphic designing and I am very excited to work on new designs!! I just started putting my ideas onto the digital paper, and here’s what I’ve been coming up with! Words of encouragement that I think each one of us needs to be reminded of, including myself ūüôā

worthy to be loved-01

I came up with this as I was going through depression and deeply rooted¬†thoughts of worthlessness and unworthiness. As I am overcoming lots of it, I am realizing that people often struggle with this as well while going through depression and anxiety. I was remembering and grieving some moments when people I have loved had treated me with contempt and treated me like I was worthless through their words and actions. In a summary form of what I have been dealing for years: As I was crying with much grief remembering these traumatic abusive moments, I was reminded with a small still voice in my head saying, “Judy, you were still worthy to be loved then.” Which made me cry even more in hysteria, realizing that we should be¬†worthy to be loved, no matter how people treat us. Which turned into a “You are worthy to be loved.” Which led to more tears and realization. Simply put, I think it was God. And I think it’s a truth that’s hard to believe if you didn’t think it growing up. But you better start believing it! Ask anyone around you that cares about you, they will agree.

You are Signficant Yellow-01

I’ve always wanted to use art as a form of encouragement, especially truths that I have learned the hard way, or wished someone would’ve told me at a young age. One being the thought that I am significant. And in turn preaching this message, I tell you that you are also significant.

The objects from this one are¬†from a series of downloadable¬†vectors I found online (thank you and I started changing the positions of the flowers and picking and choosing from various options, and changing the words to be more of importance and meaning.¬†Simply reminding you that you are significant. Don’t forget that you are important and your life is very important. Don’t let this media digital world drown your beautiful meaningful life out in comparison to others. I know in Korea the suicide rate is incredibly high, and the happiness level in this country is incredibly low. Don’t be part of the statistics, and if you are, just know you are significant. Don’t forget it. Hold on to it. Save this and put it as your phone screen saver until it becomes a habit to read and remember. Hold on, dear.

More graphic designing ideas to come and be made! Requests are also okay in the comments, for encouragement (not for your business or profit). Thanks!

Book Recommendations

If you are looking for good reads that will really change your life or perspective on life, motivate you, and propel you to move forward in different aspects of your, here are several books that I have read and highly recommend!

The Search for Significance by Robert McGee


This book gets deep real fast, and will consist of you looking inside yourself and your thought patterns to see where your fears and insecurities consists of, and what the roots seem to be, an how to overcome them through Christ. It is a Christian book, but provides so many layers of insight and freedom in having healthy self-concepts and a deep sense of unmoveable significance and worth.

Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson


If you really want to move past the religious and stereotypical ideas about the Christian God and really go deeper into who he is, his real heart of love, and what his dreams consist of in this world, make sure you dive into this book. This is full of wisdom and insight and makes you reevaluate what kind of God you have been believing in. His kingdom is about serving others, and making others succeed, no matter their religion or background. To love others selflessly is the goal, not to put Christians at the top. This book is such a good read to know the overt and covert ministry of God ūüôā and very inspiring to tap into the creativity he longs to pour into us!

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon


Looking for inspiration as an artist? Need some really good tips into what it really is you are looking for and trying to do? Check out this incredibly entertaining and accurate book on what really happens while working on projects and where inspiration really comes from. Inspiration is not so hard to find and can be recycled continuously! This encourages you to keep all your passions and interests and make it work for you in different aspects of your life. This will really make you laugh as you relate to similar difficulties and questions while being a creative and wanting to pursue more.

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon


This is the sequel to Austin Kleon’s first book “Steal Like an Artist” and really backs up his book’s ideas of creating¬†things and propelling them into sharing things and getting discovered. If you need some motivation to keep on doing what you do and getting the most out of your social media resources, you really want to use all your¬†outlets and also link¬†them on one domain so people can see you at your best and fullest. He gives really good advice about showing the world what you really care about and what inspires you.

Understanding Photography Field Guide by Bryan Peterson


This book is really an amazing guide on how to take good photos, what to look for in your composition, and gives you really awesome visuals on how the slightest changes in your photography can make a world of a difference. He breaks it down for beginners what different ISO settings, aperture settings, and shutter speed with visuals and easy examples to follow. He also touches upon wide ranges of photography skills like using macro shots, using blurred action to tell a story, how to look for texture and shapes in compositions, how to work with wide angle and fish eye lenses, and  working with themes. This is a must-see book for all photographers no matter what level of professionalism or amateurism. Striking photos and visual advice on getting the best out of your camera!

Quiet- The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain


Are you confused whether you are an introvert or not? Has society told you that extraverted traits are more desirable? Are you more highly stimulated by your surroundings and aware than most people? Or are you just interested in the differences between these personality types? Then this book is perfect to help you understand introversion and dismantle everything you ever thought about introverts. Many introverts can very much be outgoing and charismatic leaders, but need to recharge their batteries with alone time. They are more sensitive than others and constantly thinking, analyzing, and observing while also trying to be fully present in their surroundings. A lot of people mistake outgoing introverts as extraverts, but many of us are actually in desperate need of alone time, recuperation, and reflection time. Overstimulation can be draining, but we can learn to gain the most from our alone times and use it to be the best well-calculated, emphathetic, deeply motivated, genuine and authentic leaders and workers in this world. Fabulous book with different stories and studies on how this world needs introverts.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell


Do you want to know the laws of leadership? Do you desire to understand how leadership works and what it really takes to become a leader? Then this book will be extremely insightful and challenging as you dig deep into the laws of leadership, which include investing in relationships and mentorships, being trustworthy and someone of integrity, and adding value to others. This is all for a¬†lifestyle rather than a quick fix. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This book encourages individuals to start caring and connect to others, to be a good example, to stand your ground against negative momentum, and have a strong inner circle that is for you.

Soul Ties by David Cross


Have any unhealthy relationships in your life that still affect you today? Do you still have flashbacks to traumatic moments where someone has defined the way you are or how you see yourself? That probably means you had an ungodly relationship that God desires to set you free from and renew. The damages of abusive or manipulative relationships can run deep, and can cause much darkness and heaviness over a person. This book seeks to see where negative things have been rooted and works to bring out the dark seeds through forgiveness and prayer, setting you free into the man or woman you should be walking in! This is a wonderful book that helped me differentiate unhealthy relationships and forgive them as they damaged my self-confidence and self-worth with their words and actions.