“Hey Beautiful” Sweatshirt Photoshoot

Finally got to do a proper photoshoot to showcase my sweatshirt! Thank you Jun Hye for agreeing to model for me, and for being a big advocate for my products and campaign ūüôā Here are parts of the photoshoot! We took them at the Green Cloud Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul. I’m going to publicize this sweatshirt and its sales through various sites soon!¬†So happy with these photos! What a beauty. ūüėČ The sweatshirt is designed by me, Judy Kim! It was originally for a design class for a promotional campaign fighting against verbal abuse and speaking life. This was to remind those looking that they are beautiful ūüėČ

Etsy Store– these photos look so good with¬†Jun Hye! Looking fabulous ūüôā

Daily Boom– Korean store and site, which uses the Electronic Transfer Fund that helps makes payment so much easier in Korea!


Love those shots ūüôā Still learning how to photograph professionally for products and how it looks indoors, without a studio, or if I need to do everything in a studio.These had a warm fun casual look, with a cool artistic cafe backdrop! I like the look of these photos, but I also realize if I want to put out these products on public selling sites¬†I might have to try new things with a clear white studio or make things more commercial-like. Either way, I think I did my part with getting nice shots of the sweatshirt! ūüôā And Jun Hye modelled very well for her first time. I shall call her and her fianc√© together once again when I make more couple products ūüėČ

More professional photos:



Love the look! And the WordPress upgrades that makes all these photo collages so lovely. Circles, tiles, squares, mosaics, etc. So cool, I wish I had one of these for my own photos that I can export for other outlets.

It was so awesome working with the lovely Jun Hye Doh! Finally got myself pictures as the artist behind the scenes. Hehe ūüôā


A photoshoot success ūüôā YAY.


All photos taken by Judy Kim on a Canon 5 Mark D ii with a 40mm f/2.8 lens. All photos are copyright to Judy Kim Productions.


Travel Blog

It’s 2016 and I finally got around to building my own travel blog! It’s been a minute but it’s finally here ūüôā Check out http://www.judykimadventures.wordpress.com! Right now they mostly include insights and experiences about Venice, Italy, upon my first couple of weeks moving there. What a glorious wonderful land. Some pictures as a sneak peek ūüėČ


Book Recommendations

If you are looking for good reads that will really change your life or perspective on life, motivate you, and propel you to move forward in different aspects of your, here are several books that I have read and highly recommend!

The Search for Significance by Robert McGee


This book gets deep real fast, and will consist of you looking inside yourself and your thought patterns to see where your fears and insecurities consists of, and what the roots seem to be, an how to overcome them through Christ. It is a Christian book, but provides so many layers of insight and freedom in having healthy self-concepts and a deep sense of unmoveable significance and worth.

Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson


If you really want to move past the religious and stereotypical ideas about the Christian God and really go deeper into who he is, his real heart of love, and what his dreams consist of in this world, make sure you dive into this book. This is full of wisdom and insight and makes you reevaluate what kind of God you have been believing in. His kingdom is about serving others, and making others succeed, no matter their religion or background. To love others selflessly is the goal, not to put Christians at the top. This book is such a good read to know the overt and covert ministry of God ūüôā and very inspiring to tap into the creativity he longs to pour into us!

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon


Looking for inspiration as an artist? Need some really good tips into what it really is you are looking for and trying to do? Check out this incredibly entertaining and accurate book on what really happens while working on projects and where inspiration really comes from. Inspiration is not so hard to find and can be recycled continuously! This encourages you to keep all your passions and interests and make it work for you in different aspects of your life. This will really make you laugh as you relate to similar difficulties and questions while being a creative and wanting to pursue more.

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon


This is the sequel to Austin Kleon’s first book “Steal Like an Artist” and really backs up his book’s ideas of creating¬†things and propelling them into sharing things and getting discovered. If you need some motivation to keep on doing what you do and getting the most out of your social media resources, you really want to use all your¬†outlets and also link¬†them on one domain so people can see you at your best and fullest. He gives really good advice about showing the world what you really care about and what inspires you.

Understanding Photography Field Guide by Bryan Peterson


This book is really an amazing guide on how to take good photos, what to look for in your composition, and gives you really awesome visuals on how the slightest changes in your photography can make a world of a difference. He breaks it down for beginners what different ISO settings, aperture settings, and shutter speed with visuals and easy examples to follow. He also touches upon wide ranges of photography skills like using macro shots, using blurred action to tell a story, how to look for texture and shapes in compositions, how to work with wide angle and fish eye lenses, and  working with themes. This is a must-see book for all photographers no matter what level of professionalism or amateurism. Striking photos and visual advice on getting the best out of your camera!

Quiet- The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain


Are you confused whether you are an introvert or not? Has society told you that extraverted traits are more desirable? Are you more highly stimulated by your surroundings and aware than most people? Or are you just interested in the differences between these personality types? Then this book is perfect to help you understand introversion and dismantle everything you ever thought about introverts. Many introverts can very much be outgoing and charismatic leaders, but need to recharge their batteries with alone time. They are more sensitive than others and constantly thinking, analyzing, and observing while also trying to be fully present in their surroundings. A lot of people mistake outgoing introverts as extraverts, but many of us are actually in desperate need of alone time, recuperation, and reflection time. Overstimulation can be draining, but we can learn to gain the most from our alone times and use it to be the best well-calculated, emphathetic, deeply motivated, genuine and authentic leaders and workers in this world. Fabulous book with different stories and studies on how this world needs introverts.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell


Do you want to know the laws of leadership? Do you desire to understand how leadership works and what it really takes to become a leader? Then this book will be extremely insightful and challenging as you dig deep into the laws of leadership, which include investing in relationships and mentorships, being trustworthy and someone of integrity, and adding value to others. This is all for a¬†lifestyle rather than a quick fix. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This book encourages individuals to start caring and connect to others, to be a good example, to stand your ground against negative momentum, and have a strong inner circle that is for you.

Soul Ties by David Cross


Have any unhealthy relationships in your life that still affect you today? Do you still have flashbacks to traumatic moments where someone has defined the way you are or how you see yourself? That probably means you had an ungodly relationship that God desires to set you free from and renew. The damages of abusive or manipulative relationships can run deep, and can cause much darkness and heaviness over a person. This book seeks to see where negative things have been rooted and works to bring out the dark seeds through forgiveness and prayer, setting you free into the man or woman you should be walking in! This is a wonderful book that helped me differentiate unhealthy relationships and forgive them as they damaged my self-confidence and self-worth with their words and actions.

Jeju Adventures

My long awaited trip to Jeju. Ah I’m so happy and thankful I was able to get away from the busy, crowded, overwhelming city of Seoul and find myself in the nooks¬†of an island. I originally planned this trip with a friend of mine earlier this summer, but when time came to make the decisions, she sadly told me she did not budget enough for travel costs.. Which automatically made me very upset and try to find some way to lower costs (which weren’t that much to begin with, but you know, us college students be broke) but long story short, I ended up going on this trip alone. And I’m very happy I did so. I was going to leave no matter what, haha, it’s just something I must do before the start of an academic semester at school.

So, this documents my trip. Of course, you can’t fully document everything, especially incredibly crucial and funny or perspective-changing moments, but I did the best of my ability to document the 4 days that I had on the Korean island. To be honest, it wasn’t half as beautiful or jaw-dropping as I would have liked or imagined (same goes for Oahu, Hawaii) but I realized travel is what you make it to be: you have to look for beauty. Traveling alone is freeing because you’re able to do what you realllly want to do, without trying to cater to five other people and make sure everyone is having a good time when you really want to do something else. Or do all the tourist things your friends want to do when you could care less about teddy-bear museums. Or feel like you have to be a social butterfly when you really just want some down time. But you can also meet a ton of cool kats on the road and socialize with tons of people from all over the world and who have had different travel experiences with really cool¬†stories. Either way, travel buddies must be selected very carefully if you want to share your heart, desires, adventures, and findings together.

Anyway, here are some of my best photos from this trip. I met three other buddies (Daniel, Marlose, and SuHoon) at the guesthouse I stayed at. Guests¬†come in and out, but you’re lucky when you meet a few travelers¬†that share your same ideals and travel destinations/desires.

This was Day 2, hitting up all the waterfalls on the south side of the island! It took the entire day and a lot of walking and busing, but some were quite lovely. Here’s the beginning of our journey.









Selfie and Marlose 3IMG_9048

Blueish 3 Waterfall Judy








After, we hopped onto a bus and worked our way about an hour away to another area to find more waterfalls! Some really beautiful greens I saw along the way. If you know photographers.. they usually take longer than the average person. I, especially, enjoy travels alone or with a patient buddy because I need that extra time to get the perfect shot of flowers, leaves, all sorts of greenery. I start to trail behind the group cus I stop to get these shots. But¬†I’m glad to do so : )













This waterfall was the¬†favorite part of my¬†journey (it’s actually in front of me). You can see the glow in my face because it was the one I’ve been waiting for. The other three waterfalls were soooo packed with tourists and they were quite disappointing in size. But here, the absence of Chinese tourists, the waterfall dumping its remains¬†into the¬†ocean, and the waves breaking onto the huge rocks nearby made this the perfect place. The waterfall was splashing little specks of its glorious refreshing minerals onto my face and feet as I stood next to it. Gah, the feels. I just wanted to feel alive and in the endless works of nature¬†that make me feel so small yet so alive. That’s what I wanted and that’s what I got, though it was brief, I was so happily¬†tingly inside¬†in that moment.


Some iPhone photos because my 50mm lens did not got a wide-angle shot of the whole waterfall


IMG_2612     IMG_2608

After this glorious moment, we went onto our 5th and 6th waterfall. The 5th one had a ton of tourists, as pictured below, but it was a pretty large fall. We got some epic photos from this one. And the last waterfall experience overall was really cool and distinct, I really enjoyed the way they set it up and how historic it felt walking through the rivers and trees.

IMG_9256     IMG_9263

Waterfall with Dan 3 Way





IMG_9284 IMG_9306

Waterfall Collage 4

We finished the day with a little nice group photo. And managed to get little bit lost trying to find our way back home. But we made it and I was quite tired… And needed some time to recuperate. It was a full house in the hostel, I did some retreating and journaled and read a bit while many people gathered together in the living room. Processed my day with God and went to bed.

Day 4: It rained a bit during the night, got some good greenery to photograph.




IMG_9337   IMG_9353


Morning walk/hike on the Olle Road 10.







I had to head back early to get some time for myself before going on a surfing adventure. I was recommended a place to get lessons and a couple hours of surfing time, and it was great! The teacher was so funny and really well versed in his explanations. And when we headed into the water, I fell in love with surfing again. It wasn’t my first time like most of the others,¬†so it was super fun for me and I got up 10+ times! It was so fun, the waters weren’t too crazy, and one of the teachers was so sweet and funny and cute in his own way, haha. I could tell I was improving and getting better at my form and timing. I know I won’t be able to be really good unless I work on it daily and get out on the waters consistently, but perhaps when I retire I can live on the coast and surf as a hobby : )¬†It’s such a refreshing awakening time, as frustrating as it is in the beginning. I love love love it.

(iPhone pics, not much documentation)






I wish I had more DSLR quality photos on the water, it’s such a shame that surfing is not as¬†documented cus it really is an incredible experience. I wish someone would follow me around and take some epic photos for me, just cus I either gotta make them happen.. Or I gotta make them happen. And I always end up asking strangers to take my photos. I wish there was a 3rd party waiting to take epic shots that I happen to be in too. The struggles of a photographer (no one really takes good photos of you that you want).

And finally, after I got back from surfing and had dinner and had some chill time, all the guests in the guesthouse realized how tiny of a group it was for a Friday night, and we celebrated the empty corridors. We ended up hanging out and sharing stories and parts of our lives and musings with one another, and it was wonderful.


IMG_9393  IMG_9395









All these photos…

backed up! From this past year and even earlier! School and ministry and all sorts of things have kept me busy and I was unable to edit and post up some great moments. So i’m doing them now! Haha, so many of them backed up… from months ago. Thailand, Korea, Seoul, Busan, Ewha, and the Philippines. I can’t keep up with my own life sometimes lol, and if you know me, you know how much I love to document everything. As well as enjoy every part of every moment. But as for post processing and publishing, some i just gave up on. But a lot of them I treasure and remember and want to bless others with them ūüôā

So yes. my photos are to bless you. Not to make you jealous. Or get annoyed at haha. But to remember these precious moments and great captures. And the people in them always appreciate that those moments were documented. Even if they don’t mention it. I’ve had several friends thank me for faithfully taking quality photos of them, to relive the moments.

Also.. lately, I’ve been loving photography more and more. The more I travel, the more I see and the more I want to encompass in my photos and videos. There’s so much life everywhere! And it’s a shame for the little things to go unnoticed. And the big things. You always wanna get the big things. Or the foreshadow of things to come. Mmhmm the birth pains right before the birth of something new. That’s great. And the private moments with a loved one. Those are treasured and remembered, but the pictures take you back. More and more you get to reflect how that experience has changed you. Or how much appreciate a certain person. Or realize that person was there all along!

But anyway, I’m so excited for this summer! Extra time to rest but also to work on creative projects and produce films and documentaries and some music. Though nothing has really come into fruition with big things, I foresee so much to come! Don’t despise the days of small beginnings! ūüôā