Director’s Reel




Director Kendy Ty is incredible. I love his style, his stories, his composition, his spin on life. His perspective and his unveiling of this generation’s unspoken stories is so beautiful. So inspired to make my stories come to life via film. I love how you are just immersed into the character’s life, emotions, and their daily thoughts. Beauty. Dark, but beautiful.

I want to make such beautiful pieces.



A Heart-Wrenching Short Film



I’ve discovered a respectable director that I happened to stumble upon, whose works are worthy of mention. His work is so raw, so revealing, and so heart-wrenching. Why do we pretend everything is okay when they are not? Why do we hide negative emotions as if it’s wrong and unworthy of our attention? Life and all its realities surround us. I love how raw this story is. It is but a glimpse of heartache, disappointment, confusion, injustice, and pain. Tragedy. Anger. Beautiful.


Pictures; Say Cheese


This is a beautifully constructed video made solely from black and white photography. I love how many different visuals overlapped and how the sound effects matched so perfectly, while telling a beautiful story. I’m currently working on a video project constructed solely from photographs, therefore I appreciate this work tremendously!

Battling Lies


This is a video project my creativity group made to confront the “orphan spirit”, meaning the tendency for humans to feel unloved, rejected, and worthless.

We used whispers and voices of condemnation as such lies humans struggle with. After struggling with such lies, the main character has a divine encounter and is left feeling clarity and peace.

Filmed, directed, and edited by yours truly. :] More videos to come!

Hello, Farewell NYC


I got to revisit NYC this past September (2011) and have closure with the city, my roommates, and my lifestyle back from my first year at New York University. Though it was a hard thing for me to do, it really released me into life in Seoul, Korea! Now I attend Ewha University and have a completely different story.

This is a short documentary of the time I had there. I finally got a Macbook with an editing program so I could put it together.

A nostalgic story.